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Innovations Research

Learning the client's main area of focus for business expansion and potential improvement. Doing market research on the existing technology solutions, selecting established companies and startups working on the relevant products. Providing a report with marketing, financial, and operational information on the best-fit companies. 

Minimum contract time: 2 months

Technology Scouting

Diving deep into the client's need for innovative technology solutions. Scouting for relevant companies, both online and at in-person events.  Researching for operational, financial, and marketing information on the selected products.  Connecting the client to the best-fit companies. 


Minimum contract time: 2 months

Integration Support

On top of finding the relevant products/solutions, this service implies support during integration up to the successful launch of the partnership.



  • Learning clients needs

  • Setting up goals

  • Sourcing

  • Connecting with the best fit companies

  • Analyzing the technical and operational requirements for partnership

  • Guiding the startup through Integration process with the client

  • Launching the POC (proof of concept)

  • Testing and measuring the results

  • Launching the full-scale partnership/integration


Minimum contract time: 6 months

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