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How We Work

We dive deep into client’s business and KPIs, select the main areas for improvement.  We  source for the best match between established companies and emerging products to innovate together. We help them launch pilot projects, do integrations, partnerships and acquisitions.


The five pillars of the businesses improvement we are focusing on:

  • Increasing profits

  • Increasing cost efficiency

  • Supporting communities, preserving nature

  • Creating great workplaces

  • Expanding

The business areas we have expertise in:

  • E-commerce

  • Travel retail, duty free

  • Web3 and blockchain

  • Sharing economy

  • Digital Identity

  • DEI (diversity, equality, inclusivity)


What helps us do the best sourcing. We have a network of accelerators, visit their demo-days, go to the best IT events all over the world, research various business verticals, establish meaningful relationships with the startups, and test each product ourselves.

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