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Connecting corporations and startups to innovate together

Open Innovation Studio


Katerina Furtak

Hi! I am a Founder of the Open Innovation Studio, which has the mission to drive sustainability and profitability of businesses through collaboration. I am helping corporations and startups connect, integrate, and innovate together. Since I have been on both sides, I know the path towards successful cooperation. My 15 years work experience includes:

  • 3 startups, one of which became a unicorn

  • large enterprises like an international airport and a stadium hosting Euro football championship 

  • integrations with duty-free operators, delivery companies, an airport

  • partnerships with airlines, tour operators, fashion brands, web3 companies

  • managing companies in 7 countries, expanding products to 7 markets

  • running teams of up to 20 people


I believe in immersive innovation and think that there are so many opportunities for established companies and young startups to collaborate together and improve user experiences! 

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We have 3 types of services to fulfill your company's business needs - from innovations research to technology scouting and integration support

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Innovations Research

Researching the market for the client's growth opportunities. Finding best-fit technology companies for potential partnerships/investments/acquisition deals.

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Technology Scouting

Deep dive into a client’s areas of potential improvement and expansion. Scouting for the relevant products/solutions. Filtering the best-fit companies.

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Integration Support

Analyzing a client's needs for innovation and sourcing for the best solutions. Supporting the process of integrating the solution into the client's product and measuring the results.

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Our Focus and Methodology

We dive deep into a client’s business and key objectives, select the main area for improvement.  We  source for the best match between established companies and emerging products to innovate together. We help them launch pilot projects, do integrations, partnerships and acquisitions.

Our Network

We have a network of global accelerators, go to the best IT events all over the world, research various business verticals, establish meaningful relationships with the startups, and test each product ourselves.

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Are you a Startup?

We help B2B startups build their strategy on getting bigger companies as their clients. We share insights that help open the corporate doors.

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